The first video alliance so provides such customer service

has been the first video and not what contact, until some time ago, I intend to put their ads for > audit; > through, very easy, maybe because my site is good, traffic is OK because of it. But I am a perfectionist, see the first video ads, I began to worry, so I arranged the ads on my website and what place? Very depressed, decided not to put.

The sale of

website three days ago, the problem also appears, because I applied for the first video ads, but did not put in the first video alliance already exists in the database of my website information, the new owners want to do the first video alliance, has been unable to pass. My first reaction was: This is easier to remove the background site, but after logging in, I was disappointed. The first video does not provide the delete option.

first approach seems to be out of line, so I think, anyway, I have not used the new account has been used on the new owners to use it, the problem has come. The account information is unable to modify the background, which I agree with, this is for the sake of security considerations. Not to say that the intention of the third programs, contact customer service, customer service to help delete site information, so that the new webmaster in his account to submit the site.

I’m disappointed again, why disappointed everyone please look at my chat screenshot:



I’m sorry about the top of the first video, which is the "boss" in the QQ message, and maybe some of the rules are not for you. But I don’t mind you do not say, really water, why do I delete my account in my own website information can not, if one of my sites closed, then I’ll take a lifetime to the website information in the background, not to look at this very site, must be sent you my fax? Come on, webmaster is poor, do not know what is the fax thing, I will not.

I have been unable to understand why your customer service every time to send a N message? Afraid my eyes can not see it? I just want to say, very good, very strong!

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