Shop really do business for peace of mind

almost the location of the shop, operating a similar product, however, the operator’s attitude is different, the service concept is not the same, it is possible to make a different business development. Into the wedding guests including distribution center of Shandong Dongfeng Road Qingdao Qingdao Huangdao District, 60 square meters of shops with red color, wedding goods store with a superb collection of beautiful things, the festive atmosphere.

owner Xia Xiuxun 34 years old this year, due to the main wedding market, last year he opened the shop in the surrounding business district has a small reputation.

just opened, Xia Xiuxun did not specify the location of the store, the shop does not even have a special cigarette counter. Later, tobacco companies for his advice, according to the location advantage of his shop, he suggested that the store will be built into a wedding terminal, and to help him customize the theme of the wedding display cabinets.

this summer, Xiuxun find the direction of the business shop.

"I also took part in the tobacco companies’s special training, learn how to introduce the wedding with smoke, how to store merchandise display, customer manager Guan Yuhua also suggested that I used the wedding with smoke should be highlighted, the customer into the store it at a glance, and according to customer demand for targeted recommendation. All these have benefited me a lot." Xia Xiuxun said.

in an interview with reporters, a couple came to the store to buy wedding smoke. As a result of the cigarette products do not understand the rules, a moment of hesitation. After a simple communication, Xia Xiuxun introduced them to "Taishan" (Hong Xibao). "The color of tobacco is festive, the price is right, put on the wedding table is both good-looking and grade." Xia Xiuxun said with a smile.

In the summer of

‘s proposal, the couple chose "Taishan" (red tin package) as their wedding smoke.

because the clear positioning, Xia Xiuxun store a variety of festive supplies, such as a pair of "Yuanyang" other store positions of the dough is very interesting.

this dough known locally as "like potatoes". The new couple from the engagement to marry and then to birth, each link has its figure. Although the festive necessities, but specializes in "happy pastry" stores are not many, many users worry on the market "hi quality potatoes" are not guaranteed, do it yourself, but the large difference in appearance, taste. So, "Hi potatoes have a larger market space.

Xia Xiuxun found the business opportunities, with the accumulation in food company past work experience and contacts, set up workshops like potatoes and tea fruit snacks.

"I store processed" like potatoes’ quality of raw materials, fine processing, there are some unique formula, by >

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