Open an old country store to let more people find memories

times the pace of development more and more quickly, more and more people lost themselves in the hubbub of city life, more and more people nostalgic, "memory" of the market becomes unprecedented, but want to buy a few pieces of old products is very difficult. Open an old country store, innovative, market prospects!

on 80s in China century is the history of a particular period of reform and opening up, just step up, just released from the Cultural Revolution barriers out of the country, enjoying the great joy of culture and art of freedom. At the same time a large number of domestic brands have sprung up. Now they are back in another way, setting off a new wave of business.

many "Chinese elements" in this is not calm in 2008 quietly alive, and even formed a powerful "Chinese hot" trend. Not long ago, "Faye Wong day" in haihunshan with a famous windbreaker style in public, attracted a stunning fashion. Coincidentally, Tony Leung, Carina Lau "Tony" honeymoon return, dressed in retro sports clothes, while the "beam too" is haihunshan dress.

relative to the three big stars of the energy-saving in the shooting tasted, for a magazine, not only was the most popular in Tianjin Meihua brand sweaters, foot warrior shoes, more tied up the last century the pigtails become fashionable for a time…… The pursuit of old home and not only the star. In recent years, many of the last century in 70s and 80s, known as the old domestic brands have been re picked up.

so there are some local youth, began to consciously collect collection of classic domestic cat, can store owner joy is one of them. He will own collection and design open to classic domestic theme, more than a century in 80s as the background of the store, and the collision and integration in the market, constantly adjust and improve the mode of operation.


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