Starting a business is a game

want to start a business, first you have to understand the rules of the game in the world, understand the rules of the game is to defeat the opponent’s premise. Here you are ready to do poineering work now you must know the ten golden rule.

first, pay attention to the female market

in today’s society, men make money, women spend money has become the same trend – a successful man more interested in making money, custody and use is a woman thing. Not only is the purchase of diamonds, jewelry, gold and silver, clothing and other accessories is a woman’s thing, is the family food, supplies are mostly managed by women. Therefore, more attention to the women’s market, for women is an important way for marketers to obtain success.

two, aim to eat business

since ancient times, do mouth business, that is, with the business to eat, you do not have to worry about whether to return to this, such as the opening of a business hot shrimp shrimp shrimp shrimp pot. To small, said the operation of vegetable shops, fish shops, hotels, grocery stores, snack bars and fruit shops, etc., because these businesses will make money. Generally speaking, a restaurant, bar and nightclub. Marketing also needs around the mouth, because eating is one of the most basic human needs, with the improvement of the consumption level, consumers to eat in the times, consumer dissatisfaction there is demand, only to meet basic public demand for the product has a huge development space.

three, brain to make money

is the only true wisdom that can transform knowledge into "real money". Money is as unalterable principles that devil take the hindmost. If the money is not earned, that is simply to support behind your wife and children, who raised your parents a blasphemy! Money is the wisdom of the scale, wisdom only of the money, is the living wisdom, money only into the wisdom, is the money; live money and living wisdom close. Marketing also needs with the brain to think, analysis of consumer behavior, such as consumer nostalgia; consumer desire for immortality; consumer power consumers desire, curiosity, fear, anxiety and so on, need to pay attention to the emotional needs of consumers, pay attention to the marketing stakeholders, such as the impact of policy-makers, users and so on; the value of the consumer’s confirmation; meet the consumer’s self-esteem; consumers creative release; need to innovate, whether it is product, price, channel and promotion, innovation is inevitable, such as the discovery of market opportunity, guide and create market demand; optimize the channel combination, looking for strategic terminal.

four, time is money

first of all, I would like to mention, on the motto of making money – "do not steal time". What is "do not steal time", that is, time is life, time is >

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