Shandong white tiger hit the price again catch up with pork

in our lives because prices are regulated by the relevant units, so prices have been relatively stable, but with the rising price of pork, garlic also ushered in their own crazy period. After half a year, garlic once again become friends laugh show "fashionable talk. Beijing Haidian District District vegetable stall stall Qiao Guohua at the time of purchase convenience, compressed purchasing cost, began to consciously reduce the purchase amount of garlic.

during National Day not long ago, in order to garlic, garlic in Shandong County of Jinxiang agricultural Li Qiang (a pseudonym) home grown cotton has been fully mature, even under the rain, did not attend.

garlic prices every 35 years because of a sharp fluctuations in the back of the garlic business suffered its pain, said the price of garlic fluctuate like a tiger to eat". Insiders thus described as a white tiger". This round of white tigers come from, where to go? After the national day, Shandong City, Jining Province, a new crop of garlic has been brewing in the soil in the coming year, the market price of.

white tiger strikes again

garlic prices to catch up with pork, has now become a hot topic in the north family table.

"this year garlic market is not bad." In Shandong City, a few kilometers south of the town of Jining, known as the garlic industry Wall Street, said the South shop Street garlic market, as long as two people meet, almost impossible to leave the topic of garlic.

since the second half of last year, where the garlic market continues to improve, this year in late 3, the price of garlic reached around 6.7 yuan per kilogram, has exceeded the highest value of $6.4 per kilogram in 2010. Local farmers have refused to rent, but choose their own kind of garlic.

China is the world’s largest producer and exporter of garlic. Jinxiang county is worthy of the name "Chinese garlic". According to reports, China’s garlic planting area in recent years, basically stable at 4 million acres, the garlic planting in Shandong and Henan, Hebei, garlic harvest area accounted for more than half of the world garlic harvest area, yield accounted for about 70% of the world production of garlic. China’s garlic producing areas are mainly concentrated in the junction of Henan, Shandong and Jiangsu, where the planting area of about 1000000 acres in Jinxiang, acres of land in.

years ago, a large area of cold, garlic crop Shandong Laiwu and other places. Even the town of garlic, Jinxiang also appeared to reduce production, local farmers said that in previous years, an acre of land can produce 3000 to 4000 pounds of fresh garlic, this year can only produce more than 2 thousand pounds of fresh garlic. According to data from the Ministry of agriculture of the country’s 580 major vegetable counties to monitor the data, in 2015 the area of garlic fell by 2.2%.


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