Lei Jun Entrepreneurship must do the most fat market!

Chinese Lei in corporate leaders meeting pointed out that millet is a success, the most important is to encounter a "typhoon", he says, the "typhoon" is a pig can fly up to the typhoon mouth, if enterprises want to succeed, you need to find a typhoon belongs to "in your range".

light to find "Taiwan outlet" is not enough, but also a unique business model, Lei Jun millet summed up 5 successful key for winning the audience: the first is to use the Internet thinking to do the hardware; the second is to pay high attention to the user experience; the third is hard to do high quality. Fourth is the cost plus retail, the price is super cheap. Fifth is the development of peripheral products.

The following is the speech Lei

wonderful memoir:

what is the topic I want to share with you today, is the most fat market. Why talk about this problem? May with the vast majority of entrepreneurs are not the same, we debut early, late 80s began to do business, do twenty-four years, read the whole business of the ups and downs, also repeatedly summed up why it took so many years to do business. So, my deepest experience is to do the most fat market. On this point, I’ll tell you what to report on the current situation of millet, millet is a new company I founded 40 years later, we started in 2010 October, millet, millet mobile phone products was released two years ago, is the end of October 2011. Last year was our first full fiscal year, we did 12 billion 650 million yuan this year, we are expected to exceed the limit of 30 billion, may be in the top 31 billion. I would also like to share with you that, in fact, this month, we are expected to exceed 5 billion, single month.

a lot of people will think "how do you so badly?", in fact, I want to share with you is that we are not powerful, it is really good luck for us. When I say this every time, a lot of people will think I am modest. In fact, I would like to share with you today is that we are not really modest. Maybe our team is good, the product is good, and even marketing is good, the service can also be. However, I think the most important thing is that we encountered a "Taiwan air outlet", this "air outlet" is a pig can fly up "Taiwan tuyere". If you want to succeed in the enterprise, I think that within the scope of the ability to find your own "Taiwan"".

how do I find the "typhoon", how to do Internet mobile phone, this topic may be from ten years ago began to recall, because I do business early debut, Kingsoft was founded in 1988, I participated in the first company founded in 90s is Kingsoft software, we also very fire. When the Internet began to 1999 — or "typhoon" to the Internet, we were busy doing WPS, busy against Microsoft, busy awfully, regardless of. When we looked around in 2003, we were far behind. At that moment, I was actually stressed

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