Returned to the end of the return of a variety of sweet potato entrepreneurs plan

is now very popular overseas returnees, when looking for a job can be a lot easier, but the returnee master gave up high paying jobs, choose home business for sweet potato, which makes a lot of people are stunned, and his choice is also a reason.

seven years of living abroad, Li Jianfeng not only learn the textbook knowledge, foreign advanced enterprise management mode, and even the mode of agricultural production, have had a deep impact on him, so after returning to Li Jianfeng by his smug, eager to learn to see outside, into practice.

originally after returning home Li Jianfeng is mainly responsible for garment factory management at home, because the company is in the township, so usually contact the rural masses or more opportunity. Slowly I found that they are still in the continuation of the traditional backward mode of production, a small piece of land, basically in the cultivation of food crops, on the one hand can not effectively form the industrial chain, can not be more efficient.

"I thought the big foreign farm mode can solve this contradiction, a few people put the land up, not only can effectively use large machinery farming, save time and cost, but also the most people from the land liberated." Li Jianfeng said, "then I through the investigation, found in China have started similar promotion and farm mode of" land transfer ", I think this model is even better, because farmers can not be freed from the land, but also to obtain the corresponding land rent, diligent and then go out to work, can take two money."

"construction paper shop, rural services" is not an empty talk, find a way to resolve the Li Jianfeng immediately began to prepare for the related issues of land circulation, set up a "Dongming farmer cooperatives", and investigate the suitable planting project.

he through the survey found that, along with the enhancement of people’s daily life and the concept of diet, sweet potato products will occupy an increasingly important position in life, although it is to stimulate the production of sweet potato starch processing and by extending the industry chain, but still can not meet the market demand. At present, does not contain any additives such as alum, sweet potato products, in order to taste beautiful and won the favor of consumers.

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