How to carry out the management of brand clothing store

brand clothing because of its high-end positioning, in all aspects of products and services will have a relatively high demand, and the management personnel to the shop also put forward higher requirements, which requires all related stores have better management personnel. So, how to carry out brand clothing store personnel management? Need to pay attention to the following points:

brand clothing stores usually by the franchisee or I hired manager in charge of store all operations, store management focuses on sales management, merchandise management and display, the sales management properly or not, directly related to the store sales.

in this important note to be explained: first, the recruitment of suitable brand clothing store shopping guide. In terms of image and temperament, the men’s brand shopping guide requirements are relatively high. In their own good at dress and grasp of fashion, women’s brand shopping guide requirements are relatively high. In terms of vitality and appeal, the demand for leisure sports brand shopping guide is relatively high.

second, the daily, monthly, annual job responsibilities in writing to form a complete list of work, provided to the brand clothing store manager and guide as a business time specification. Daily work includes shop, clean, commodity management, sales statistics, replenishment, closed shop; monthly work includes performance statistics, merchandise inventory, scheduling allocation; annual work includes seasonal stock, display and change the decor, discount promotions, training.

again, the implementation of the company’s brand clothing store manager and the regular training of the shopping guide, new products should be carried out prior to the listing of product knowledge and sales skills training. At the same time to join the business also often encourage staff morale, open two-way communication every morning.

then, through the development of commission commission rate, sales target to promote sales, the development of incentive commission scheme and performance evaluation in order to fundamentally attract the brand clothing store staff self promotion and stable work.

finally, train the ability of the brand clothing store manager.

opened a clothing store, the brand overall, this is not only sell clothing, and service quality, whether a shop decoration is very luxurious, the quality of the products is very high, but if the shop staff can not let consumers feel satisfied, repeat nature will be greatly reduced, the for the business of the shop will undoubtedly have a great impact. Therefore, if you want to open a brand clothing stores, for personnel management must be treated with caution.

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