Zaozhuang spring action entrepreneurial activities will start

spring action is a joint venture to support the country to carry out a number of activities to help entrepreneurs eager to start the business quickly enjoy entrepreneurial support, as soon as possible to enter the entrepreneurial track.

2 in early April to mid March, Shandong, Zaozhuang, people at all levels of social sector will be carried out in the city’s spring action series of activities.

It is reported that this year

, the theme is "to build a platform to promote the transfer of employment and ·". The service object including the poor rural participatory transfer, employment intention and entrepreneurial aspirations of rural laborers, people demand a useful enterprises and various units and other employment entrepreneurial intention.

"spring action" period, the city will be carried out by employment service activities, so that the transfer of jobs to rural workers especially the rural poor policy consulting, effective job information, occupation guidance and occupation; desire to have the skills to enhance free skills training; entrepreneurial aspirations are entrepreneurship training business service, and the corresponding policy support; get a convenient and effective employment service needs of enterprises and units of all kinds of useful. The city is expected to hold large 27 special recruitment field, providing nearly 90 thousand jobs, recommend employment skills training professional 31, in order to promote the rural labor employment transfer especially the poverty-stricken population in rural areas, to meet the employment needs of enterprises and various units.

centralized business support power can save the maximum entrepreneurial resources, optimize the allocation, so that the majority of guests quickly find the corresponding entrepreneurial resources. So as to achieve the goal of promoting employment.

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