Shops are not easy to fall into what business vicious circle

although every investor wants to set up their own business can be booming, but in the actual operation of the process is prone to a variety of conditions, resulting in poor store management. However, the poor management of the shop is very easy to fall into a number of vicious circle, leading to the store to insist on very difficult. So, the business is not easy to fall into what business cycle?

1: commodity cycle

the more business, the more you dare to goods. No more do not into the business is not on the goods, the goods is not the cycle of vicious spiral out of business until the final closure of the.

2: cost circle

the more business, the more willing to give up. Do not enter no more business, more cost savings, even the lights are reluctant to open. Not to mention air conditioning. The store will not turn on the lights, to "black", the more there is no business. The more open air conditioning, the environment is not good, the more reluctant to come in, the more reluctant to stay in. The worse the natural business, this is a vicious cycle of cost savings.

recommendations: business is bad, the more to increase the cost of lighting, air conditioning is also open, promotional activities to do more. Free small gifts to send some more.

3: personnel circle

the more business, the more reluctant to invite people, the more eager to dismiss. In order to achieve cost control, the more it does, the more popular the store, the store empty, the more reluctant to enter the customer. Even if the customer into the store, there is no one to serve customers, so that the vicious circle into the vicious circle.

recommendations: the more business, the more people to be invited, the more people want to drive. The more people want to make the store to drive popularity, thus changing Feng shui. No business training, the establishment of the team.

4: mentality circle

is no business, the boss’s temper is not good, the more the more easy to get angry with. The more the boss, the less active the staff. The more stagnant the store. No more business, more employees more lazy, unwilling to move. The more likely to be opportunistic, to play the problem of cleverness. The more employees, the more natural customers do not want to come in. This is a vicious circle into the mentality of the vicious circle.

recommendations: the more business, the boss mentality first, the better, the more smile. The more we must continue to give employees confidence, to the vitality of the team. The more you want to lead the whole team. The more you want to plan your dream, the dream of the planning team. Because it is often difficult to adhere to, is to give us the impetus to dream.

business cycle, I believe that many investors have personally experienced, but do not know how to

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