What is the three board axe of retail marketing

marketing work involves a lot of business skills, after all, the industry is fierce competition, want a hot business, naturally need to grasp more experience. Marketing of the road, although the road has existed since ancient times, in practice is still shallow, but in the daily work, but also surly realize some marketing tips, summed up the three axes, and peer exchange.

first Axe: marketing you have to worry about the eyes, do not worry about the merchant

this is a way to the feelings of the brand, before playing this card, how long the heart. Ordinary daily life, you may not care to bring business much shocked and touched, but when the special time and special events, often can be repeatedly used. There was a retail business because her husband was ill in the hospital to take care of, so please help me set cigarettes. Of course I am duty bound, but also how long a mind, always remember to ask her husband’s illness, the couple two people are very grateful. Then with her new cabinet and the increase in inventory as mentioned, are all answered. People are emotional animal, every at the Lee, this is our marketing winning one of the essential methods.

second Axe: empathy is very important, strong pull hard plug by not strong

we serve the object is the merchant, the merchant really need? The world, both Lee, the world, all profits go to. If you are not able to make retailers to sell cigarettes to profit, and then deep feelings, even the best relationship is also no good. Therefore, we should stand in the merchant’s position, sincerely want to do business, do business needs, rather than strong pull hard plug, do some meaningless face project.

third axes: all kinds of information to remember, don’t forget to

said here, information, not just the computer data, but a broader coverage of the merchant information. For example, remember the home of the retail business in the elderly, care for the elderly body good or not, where the children to read, ask to learn good birthday, Clockwork SMS blessing, etc.. Things are small but warm.

retail marketing work if you want to carry out in place, but also need to be able to hold the operator more skills, so that the business can really get hot development. So, if you are a retail business, Xiaobian introduced such a skill, three board ax will help your business?

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