What are the problems in the cake shop

is now a lot of people are starting to shop in the process of continuous exploration, there are a lot of attention need to pay attention to, so as to ensure the normal operation of the store business. And want to make money through the cake shop, it is necessary to understand some of the ways to open a cake shop to make money, in fact, there are still a lot of attention to the cake shop. We should start from these considerations, a solution to a very profitable cake shop. After a number of groping, Xiao Bian summed up the following open cake shop notes:

shop scale

how much money you have, how much time can be supported, to know that the beginning of the business is losing money or very little profit. Open the cake shop, you have to do a good job 3 months to prepare money. Since the early to open up the market, consolidate the customer base, rich product line, you have to develop their own loyal customers, rich products, started their own brand, so this stage investment is very big, is also the most hard stage, whether it is the store location, decoration, hiring, marketing need to invest.

build brand

open cake shop, you should first look at themselves for brand awareness of what is, is the crowd, at what level and age are white-collar workers, or a housewife, or a child, it depends on your own understanding, different objects take brand strategy is also different. White collar, you can position the products in the delicate, elegant and tasteful; housewives, you can locate in a nice, cheap, large amount of benefits; the child, you can locate in the cheap, taste, variety,



you have to go to understand how many cake shops, and then refine the cake shop, classification, from the coverage of the region, the crowd, the number of customers, sales, fixed assets, reputation, performance management. These preliminary investigations are tedious but absolutely necessary, which will provide a good reference for your future development.

total investment

again, you want to do, but also can not be completely from the very beginning, a cake shop, you can go to the next observation, the geographical location, population concentration, but experience poor store, this will save a lot of investment.

monthly sales

it depends on the monthly production, cost and pricing of the cake shop.

month net profit

market, the profits of the cake shop, the initial proposal should not be too high, about 30% can be, because you want to attract customers, stable customers, only the mouth

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