What are the problems of desktop game business

in the new era, a lot of entertainment began to come out, desktop games as a new game has begun to gradually by the people’s welcome. However, such business opportunities, although sounds good, but in the actual operation of the process, but there are still many problems. So, what are the problems of the desktop game business?

project overview

desktop game is a business to operate on the desktop to operate the game. At present the market on the most popular game products: magic, Puerto Rico, War Within Three Kingdoms and Da Vinci password. Its main service is the students, young white-collar workers. Desktop game in Shanghai has become a small amount of investment and investment as a popular street.

status survey

market in Shanghai as an example, in September 2009, a total of 260 games, or so, as of mid December last year, the number soared to 480. Among them, there is the facade of the board game (including free desktop game teahouse, etc.) at about 40, a total of 10% lower than the rest, mostly located in office buildings or residential buildings. The project mainly by college students and young white-collar workers to use their spare time in order to entrepreneurship, collaboration, market board game more than two individual shareholders amounted to 60%.

however, in the current Shanghai nearly 500 home games in it, but only about 200 profit. In January this year, through the network search, with the call to confirm, do not make money transfer intention of the desktop game more than 60, except for business mismanagement games, intention to transfer rate reached 16.6%.

business problems

1. business license into a bottleneck.


desktop game is a new industry, has not formed climate, the country has not issued the relevant laws and regulations, it is difficult to define the scope of business, which is likely to make many will come to a standstill, and more is to act".

2. early publicity is not in place.

desktop game due to low barriers to entry, follow the trend of all N foot separation situation quickly formed. In order to compete for customers, advertising become the game in some sense. The key to business. In Xuhui District house as an example, the heyday reached 14 games. Visit, only an early opening of a profit, the rest are suffering.

there is a store opened after the owner in addition to using QQ group, DM, also added a SP SMS platform. The store in the decoration, cold hot drinks, services and other aspects are second to none, but due to the lack of

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