When is the best time to open a flower shop

at different times, the right thing to do will be different. Therefore, even if the business start-up, it should also be looking for the most appropriate time, so that their entrepreneurial success rate will be higher. So, when is the best time to open a flower shop? This topic is more in-depth, and everyone will find a good day to open a flower shop, but different operators, not at the same time to open the florist, the results are often not the same.

author contacted many operators, basically have a suggestion, in March to June this time most people shop were closed, of course people survive the cost is relatively high, the author sums up some thinking for a long time together with the analysis.

, in this time, is precisely the florist flowers the end of the season, after a winter, the large consumption of most customers into consumption blank period.

two, the early spring season, many people are busy with the work of the time period, no time, experience and mood for frequent enough flower needs.

three, a relatively small number of people born in spring, spring flowers in the florist’s birthday.

four, this time it is time for the recruitment of various companies and enterprises, the staff is not easy to recruit relative to the florist.

five, due to the daily consumption of flowers Florist decreased, enter the off-season (only the masses of individual flower) from March to September this time, not directly proportional to the cost and income, just half a year’s time, many investors are impatient at this time to give up investment.

six, from March to June this period of time many people shop, various industries to store and supply of goods and personnel, resulting in higher operating costs at the beginning of panic buying.

more than six points have direct and indirect effects, resulting in a low success rate of the shop in this time period, especially small investors do not invest much money.

that is not to say that in the busy season, the success rate is high?

author has always thought that this is a theory of relativity, from March to June, the success rate of people shop, but there are also a lot of risk.

risk, a shortage of talent in the peak season, the old flower shop to use, the new flower shop also want to use, and this is not a hot industry talent is scarce, resulting in more difficult to find talent.

risk two, due to the winter season for the florist, the majority of the cost of flowers will rise sharply, the operator did not invest in the early budget and inexperienced operators will cause great confusion.

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