What do want to make money online

because of poverty, no culture, no money, no status, I have nothing. In 2004, only a secondary school was very reluctant to take 480 yuan, from Shaanxi to Guangdong Ankang to make a living, at that time, I did not even have the basic identity cards are not. Fortunately, with the help of my friends into a small factory. Hard month to earn 4, 500. I am a computer science major, from an early age obsessed with this thing has been a dream to have a. Usually live frugally after a year to save 1000 yuan, want to buy a good computer is not enough, so he waited a few months, after all in this factory for a year and the play is very good, sometimes they can help maintain the computer by QQ teachers and students an. A chat with the teacher that the network can make money, then there is no way to find out what they do not have a computer is not interested in pyramid schemes are very profitable. Want to wait until the computer is doing this. Finally a month plus 150 Benghazi on basic salary is 890 yuan.

will get a salary to buy a computer is almost, agreed to the company under the leadership of the company network, and to my teacher like to engage in network marketing. Work on the Internet, he appeared, a few days did not wait. A month passed, and finally one day he was on the line, but the result is the country to combat network marketing.. I was short of money…

2006 selling computer, I have nothing, see friends to engage in online trade is made, and then find the family to borrow money and bought a computer telephone and other equipment with an air of importance to start a business, every day on the Internet to find customers with orders to find the factory. Because you did not do long own loaning failed again, still hungry for several weeks in the stomach is often no 10 fen. It’s normal to eat a little food on the two day. The loss of a lot of money, and finally the computer and other equipment has also been a partner of the villagers stole, leaving the rent, water, electricity, telephone bills, etc.. Only to work for the last time to find a factory to do IPQC also finished these costs will go home. People have always said that I got black sheep. Good-for-nothing, and so on. This… I lack is not money, the more experience.

gradually come into contact with the website, made a forum every day commuting to Internet cafes to maintain a year on the IP 200 to a lot of money also not to.

is now more difficult, no work hanging on the Internet every day, sometimes a few days can earn a few tens of thousands of days and sometimes no income. Eat with the total money. Female friend urged me looking for work every day, they go out to the General Factory hiring, recruitment of factory and general requirements for women. At home, parents have to give birth to a boy out of the men’s notice is not worth the money. Did not find a good job, no money how dare to go home to celebrate the new year. All the family forces have asked to earn tens of thousands of openings…

there is no way to help you on the dmin5 webmaster. Wish you all a merry christmas. The limited level of writing is not good please forgive me.


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