Cattle road loss listed, online travel is an undervalued market


way cattle listed last night, cattle Zai.

by 22:45 Beijing time, the way cattle stock closed at $10.04, compared with the opening price rose 11.56%, turnover of 2 million 240 thousand shares, the total market value of about $470 million, a China fourth listed OTA company, which is the only one of the main differences of "leisure tourism" concept of a leader.

the bell scene on the Nasdaq, CEO at dunder not without emotion, said: "8 years ago, we foresee a huge market space for leisure travel, for us to enter this strange new industries, establish a" make travel easier "mission, and has focused so far, created a trusted leisure tourism brand. Today, we are pleased to see that we have established an industry leader and continue to lead the industry. We foresee and promote the division of labor in the industry, through the combination of leisure tourism and the Internet, speed up the efficiency and experience of the industry, while constantly leading the construction of industry standards."

yesterday, Fu Sheng, Yu Dunde today, the tone and the expression in all the day All sufferings have their reward..

the time reversal of about half a month, in the way cattle listed on the eve of the Prospectus have been submitted, Ctrip holding a stack of $15 million bills total subscription shares, at the same time, Ctrip is another strategic investment in the online travel website is the same way network, and where to go with Baidu’s feelings, ogle ambiguous.

Before the Sohu

IT’s article "Ctrip where merger, the game temporarily" analysis, Ctrip Raiders investment same way and the way cattle, the industry pattern is divided into two parts: Ctrip and non Ctrip department. The river here is Ctrip, the same way, the way cattle, the way home, pineal network, cicada travel and so on, there is the other side where, art dragon, donkey mother, mafengwo etc..

has been described as Chinese OTA market crowded pool, scanty at the outlet of the left at the entrance, but with hindsight from the transformation of traditional industries and the giant. In order to avoid duplication of investment costs, the first is to reduce the intensity of competition through capital exchange, and then go on the electronic commerce industry "category expansion" of the road, will do business in the future billion market (currently in billions of dollars).

OTA market very long industrial chain, not only across online and offline, supply and distribution of opportunity is also staggering (including at least or relate to live travel and entertainment six industries together, each industry depth we could almost call it the Mariana Trench), so there is ample space differentiation. Usually, if in the region as the standard, can be in the OTA market is divided into "civil war" pattern to Nan Fangjun, Ctrip, the way cattle and with the way in the north, where to go and elong, although seemingly opposite before the smoke four, but actually under the direction of the search. < >

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