Former Baidu community operating experience, now used to call a duck


today (October 26th), "a young duck" first home from mentioning stores in Beijing before the opening of the Jianwai SOHO, fans is mainly on WeChat called "duck", and was chosen in this, is said to be the founder of Huang Taiji for he Chang an invitation: "we want to make the Internet thinking a street here!" it is said, they will open in Beijing during the year 4, 5 such stores from mentioning, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Asian Sports Village in the layout. Every self lifting shop may have 3, 4 points distribution. The next step is the development of duck parts, ready to make plastic packaging sales.

you probably haven’t heard of it yet. "Call a duck."". It is Roasted Duck takeaway O2O, the kitchen in Beijing, and take this as the center, with no integrity name, full Beijing city sent home duck.

ten years Baidu door, suddenly to do "duck"

, the founder of a duck named CEO, Qu Bo, 85 years old, Beijing. In September 2003, 18 year old Qu Bo successfully founded and operated the Yanzi fan club. In 2004, he entered Baidu, worked as a community, planned marketing, and worked in Baidu for 10 years.

2010, a friend of Qu Bo’s World Cup event marketing to open a bar, earn a lot of money, which he saw now have a great chance to subvert the traditional market, "young people if there is a business opportunity is very good."

March 2014, Qu Bo and his little partner began preparing for "call a duck", and began trial operation in May. The beginning of the 100 products sent to the Internet, the media circle of friends, since then basically by word of mouth communication, accumulation of users. In July, "call a duck" valuation at the end of July 50 million, completed the 6 million Angel round of financing. In August 12th, WeChat called a duck "no personal user friend more than 5000 people, the receipt rate reached 60%, daily orders over 100, according to the price of 145 yuan, flying solo a set of 288 yuan, daily flow of about twenty thousand yuan.

Qu Bo said: "choosing 6 million is roughly my one and a half year operating costs and no more money.". Choose investor one, see how the investment team brings greater benefits to the platform. Two, more importantly, who will understand me?. Investors don’t care about me. They just tell me, "where did I call you a duck?""

Qu Bo disclosed the 6 million behind five shares in a personal capacity "angel" to the tiger sniffing: Baidu vice president Li Mingyuan, President of Huayi Wang Zhonglei, Zhu Yonghua, Huang Taiji day figure capital founder, chairman Zhang Wei He Chang entertainment factory.

, apparently they are not alone in "calling a duck", they can dominate the market. Taste, "call a duck" also needs many patrons, but after a few months Different people, different views., listed, it reflects the brand (user) and dynamic operational innovation is remarkable. You can imagine it with Qu Bo and other core members of Baidu (community transportation)

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