Double 11 has been doing 4 months a day, and the head of the group buys a great deal of experience i

group buying website started in 2010, so far it has been nearly 5 years. Buy site from the initial several to later blowout development to thousands of homes, and now there are less than ten, the competition is extremely fierce, seems to have no respite. How to buy a website transformation, has been placed in front of a difficult problem! Today’s guests do is buy navigation site. 2011 began to do, the main user is white-collar white-collar work, after more than 3 years of operation, the average daily UV more than 100 thousand. The number of orders for double 11 days is the sum of the total orders for 3.5 months, and the total income exceeds the average 4 months. Double 12 big promotion is coming, come and listen to his experience share!


initial Taobao

, the two founders of our website are not operational origin, a technology, a product, just beginning to know nothing about the operation, the website is just cool, it is not good, the most important thing is to make money. Joining Taobao is purely data (traffic and user) dictates, there are two main reasons:

1, buy slowly, only a few left alone.

2, a large number of online shopping sites have the accurate flow in waste (such as elaborate).

in 2011 July began to put Taobao window advertising, began to earn about a few dollars per month, with the site traffic growth also more up, but until February 2014, monthly income will be about one thousand. Later, they were told that the window could not be placed on the navigation website. We can only think of other promotion methods, because we are technical background, naturally thought of Taobao open platform, after understanding that member level is too low, unable to get the desired API authority. It was thought of the Juhuasuan positioning group purchase station, consistent with our website, so in 2014 03 months began to try to recommend some Juhuasuan obvious effect on the home page, and orders increase month by month, after three months to gold membership. It’s natural to study it later…

website operation data analysis is the key

said the reason to join Taobao customers, one reason is that we have a lot of good group net online shopping class accurate flow in the waste, here for everyone to say why is fine! Waste? How to determine those flow for Taobao customers? To solve these problems, Taobao will naturally have Everfount customer orders.

operation, I think the most important thing is to be very sensitive to the data. So, staring at data every day must take up most of your time. How to access the user?? and jump to where? Where is the residence time of long and short time? A table of data analysis, finally form the head, you have to do is to take the table out with the program into the background, every day you can see the visual. We found a lot of online shopping page out rate is too high, the fundamental reason is that in these pages, the site does not provide users with the products they want. For example: users want a dress, go in and found that the group has expired, can only turn off the page, at the same time psychological >

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