Personal experience, how to make the record fast review through

my station Bibi list in bovine before the date of filing approved. Experience, waiting for the review from new to disappointment, disappointment to despair, direct to the final surprise. In the meantime, only people who have really experienced it can experience it. In view of this, special to the new record of friends a hint. Prepare your station faster.

method one is to spend money and find some companies or individuals that will record you. They may be much faster than you are prepared for. Of course, the money is not too much, but the key is that you can find the real strength of the people, or spent wasted money prepared, or time stretched, it is not worth the candle.

method two, if your space provider can help you prepare, is free, let them prepare their batch record, check also loose some of the communication management department will pay more attention to some, of course this is also with the space business your strength, more cattle companies can quickly to help you prepare. Sometimes it costs a little silver, as long as you can accept it.


method is three, most of the small owners to take the way, is to the industry department for the record, this is I take a long time to prepare, but finally down, why it is not prepared for a long time, but because I take the initiative to attack. Therefore, we suggest that when the record, if there has been a period of time, has not been audited, we should not have been waiting. Take some action. Go to your record communications administration area is responsible for the audit of the telephone, and then played in the past, good words consultation, remember, attitude must be better, with more people say something nice, for him it’s click, you might be a few weeks of birth. "…. That’s what I got out of here. Ha ha,

wants to be useful to everyone, especially the brothers and sisters who are still waiting anxiously. Useful at the same time please support my station ah, so it will encourage me to write more articles to share with everyone, note that if the call, the choice of time is very learned, when people don’t find work, don’t look for people to rest or are tired, can not touch you see, good luck. Ha-ha。。。

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