Talking about 09 network development or persistence or change

is now the network really has a few years ago have turned upside down, 2009, how will the road network development, GG click price decline, more and more genuine alliance because of technical limitations and the emergence of more and more low, even a lot of income until download station part of the thunder alliance payment mechanism change. The development pattern of the site has been faced with many challenges. More and more stationmaster sighs, do station more and more difficult, more and more new stationmaster begin to flow into the team of this stationmaster, today, I will talk about individual view of 09 years website development.

in 09 years, what is the best station, simply rely on advertising alliance income, maintain the space cost of the site has become a headache for many owners, a batch of standing down, a batch of up again. How in the development of the situation today still can go down, has become the most difficult problem of many webmaster.

Now the

network should pay attention to subdivision, don’t do such a similar hao123 navigation station, unless you have a lot of local resources, such as large Internet cafes etc. exceptions, if you want to do such a site, then simply do such as literature, such as the military, to integrate all the good sites are arranged show, integration sites in industry site seemed to have read a lot, in fact many people already do, don’t make a stand to learn what is included, subdivision columns, do not only do manga, Naruto, and One Piece, and death…… Segments of the site are easier to have good weights, and easier to develop well.

The localization of

site, currently in the provinces and cities, basically has formed each place has a representative portal, but this does not mean that there is no chance, the portal is a great influence, but also to the authority, but not close to the user’s point of view, the development of the network, City trading party, and the importance of city this group of college students needs these are still some work to do, using existing local portal sites, the localization of the site really exist certain development space and opportunities, I have been in the study of the local site, the real use of city college students now, take the market not impossible. Of course, the investment cost of its existence also is not ignored, individual stationmaster needs to get involved, exist too much risk.

go back to talk about the website profit, the beginning piece has been said in front of stationmaster profit pattern has changed, now the station to station advertising according to its own characteristics, now more and more advertising alliance to implement the commission system, through your website advertising a customer service to be able to get a commission, this perhaps will be the development direction of the advertising alliance, and in fact, the ads on the website can generate benefits to the alliance.

webmaster this road is too hard, too tired, many webmaster in the process has to find an excuse for himself, left, more webmaster still wandering. Look forward to and more webmaster exchange station: QQ2161760

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