When come to this moment but was crying.

as a webmaster (I’ve always had my own think so) by many aspects of hit, and the station is an interactive forum, certainly better than the single site model to be much more relaxed, because a lot of content and the needs of their own acquisition too much, and you have a membership up effort, but at the same time you need to have strong management ability.

my station (Quanzhou computer enthusiasts (http://s.0595sos.com) because the boss founder, I always call him the boss, I pretend the second) is the predecessor of volunteers, but also understand the computer technology, so as to create a breeding ground for the first group of volunteers China computer idea, until now has a group of line members hundreds of people and thousands of people in the forum members. Because we are doing a free membership of the forum members of the computer repair and contact businesses preferential policies, there have been a small number of the most loyal members.

to the station, I have been very love, although do not know how to edit, do not know "framework, also do not know SEO, but I still love learning, love what, I will go to learn to learn to imitate…

because of national policies and regulations strictly, in the last year and the beginning of the 17 NPC and CPPCC large government meeting, feel the police network examination on the interactive forum seems to increase the strength, we also have a membership because the Olympic Games Icon spoof reprint posts, reproduced some insider news exposure at home do not see, not timely delete caused by the server to shut down 3 times, get lost a number of members and damage our image. So, since March, we’ve been announcing on forums and QQ groups that our forums don’t want to talk about political topics anymore and delete all political topics.

recently appeared too many political events, such as ZD, JD, TD, CNN, JLF, and so on events, while the patriotic enthusiasm, but also we have been in the group chat and talk about, also did not want to discuss the text in the forum yesterday, but suddenly an old member may is excited or overly patriotic, and post an anti CNN article, just another online forum moderators, see it to delete, delete the reply also notice: "the forum does not want to talk about politics, please support, thank you

The results of

has attracted the old members of the Huobao, because before his us volunteer team in personnel, so the owner avowed old scold, said he is not qualified to delete his post and so on, a lot of words, I just use QQ online after the old member asked how, know why I followed, persuaded the old members, turned out all his temper on me, and have made a lot of vulgar words,

, because I thought he was an old member of the boss, a friend, I’ve never been arguing with him, and I don’t want to argue with him, I’ve always believed that my boss can help us manage justice

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