Small creative network marketing, refrigerator stickers as an example, how to do a good job fan econ

is also a search engine, Baidu began to support the O2O industry, rice network, Google is doing much work, unmanned vehicles, smart devices, Google balloon…… And the Internet thinking millet, also to the intelligent equipment force, the most promising industry in the Internet is a subversive, another is the innovation and subversion of the traditional profiteering industry, but this subversion needs to pay unimaginable effort, such as taxi software, both industry competition, and from the pressure of traditional industries. And innovation is relatively easy, much more, the Internet is like this, one side of the industry to become transparent profits, while the beginning of innovation, new products, seek high profits.


also has a lot of small creative products, such as mobile phones, for example, and mobile phone related small production, such as mobile phone sets, mobile phone shell, foil…… Talking about the film, a few days ago, a handsome guy looks handsome film star, Yan burst table values on the network to find female netizen said, at first sight, to do the film’s profits "amazing", 2 years can buy a house, the creative product has a strong market trend. Mobile phones are a necessity for modern young people, but in everyday homes, televisions, refrigerators, water heaters, computers, cars…… These Home Furnishing supplies is also life must be around these appliances for creative products, such as Car Keychain, mouse pad, refrigerator and so on have good market prospects, but on the Internet to get small creative product users, learn millet fans economy is the key. The Internet is full of personality, how can we get more fans,


good fan economy, product creativity, starting from the user experience,

recently have this format blue air conditioning marketing idea, the husband said: "wife, open air!" so the wife looked for the air conditioning remote control can not find, but this time, her husband at the mobile phone said: "my dear, the air conditioning air conditioning!" immediately open automatically, in the intelligent era, needs to be filled with such a creative life. Refrigerator was originally used to decorate the refrigerator, then someone with timing function, with the expansion of the capacity of the refrigerator, refrigerator and freezer food increased record changes and procurement requirements, sometimes busy between family members or even through the refrigerator to remind attention, no doubt, a little creativity will add a a business opportunity, and creative will come from the needs of users, it is essential to get fans.

light is to stand in the user’s point of view, the problem is not enough, through certain channels for users to know. We know that the Internet is the world of young people, and this is also the power of creative imagination with unlimited imagination. But in the Internet promotion way has many kinds, which is the most suitable for young people’s habits? If so, Yierlai list, WeChat is the most frequently used social networking tools, through the circle of friends, WeChat public platform to attract fans, is one of the many businesses will use the means of course, can not forget the user scan the QR code. However, creative products also >

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