Optimization does not require tall, handsome, rich long tail keywords, comprehensive cast a net.


optimization when a lot of people love the pursuit of popular keywords grappling, and these words can be said to be "gaoshuai rich" type: high flow, search for more people, the cost of bidding. So popular keywords, if you do Baidu home page, that webmaster really calculate catch up with "high handsome rich". So you were with the pursuit of popular keywords exhaust all the skills, the so-called quitting brave victory. There are not many brave, it is also a few positions, so are crowded down the webmaster is also a lot of, in fact, optimization, remember, blindly pursue popular keywords. The so-called "road through Rome", long tail keywords can also be comprehensive "cast a net", the same can achieve results.

according to analysis, a normal website 60% traffic are long tail keywords brought, so how to choose the long tail keywords is particularly important. On the long tail keywords, this "network" in the end how to layout, below and listen to me about this "gossip array" come.

one, the long tail keyword search army estimates,

keyword search through the page, you can intuitively determine the degree of competition of keywords. Take Baidu for example. When you enter keywords, Baidu displays the relevant search results. The number of search results varies greatly, and different searches yield different results. Of course, the more search results, the greater the level of competition; on the contrary, the smaller the level of competition. If the page search results more general search results more than 3 million of the time, the word competition will be relatively large, if the search results below this figure is for the webmaster, it will be relatively easy to optimize.

two, long tail keywords strategic layout analysis,

in Baidu keyword input, we can search results page analysis. If the website home page by the number of grab the inside pages, so the word competition is relatively high, there is a post optimization. Therefore, this keyword needs to be expanded to avoid direct collisions with these sites. At the same time, in the Baidu home page, the general "Baidu encyclopedia", "Baidu know" the weight of the relatively high, we do optimization time, it is difficult to squeeze these positions. In addition, there are a number of larger portals, and their weight is relatively high, so these portals in the Baidu home page position is also difficult to squeeze down. So, when we optimize the keywords, we must exclude these positions.

three, big brother Baidu for long tail keywords whether favour, have good


in the optimization, if the home page a lot of snapshots are the latest time was grabbed, then we have to give up and these sites squeeze position. Even if squeezed out of these sites, nor is it possible to achieve a short time. We have to choose the longest crawled Baidu site for analysis. For example, in Baidu’s home page, one is 2012-11-24, and the other is 2012-10-11, then we can squeeze down position is the latter.

four, long tail keywords are often in?

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