The network path you have my old and new Adsense advice

for a long time did not write, you don’t mind, before each write articles are really love this sentence, I haven’t written, the writing is of course possible language skills prompted by a sudden impulse, not too good, but I believe we must read to help you, said to start waste.

first introduced me, before writing the article also introduced here, again, I am 98 years begin to contact the computer, 02 years learning website construction, 04 years of their own companies, once brilliant, too proud. But now, I still do nothing, but still continue to wander in this industry, and also build their own web site.

today, why write this article, although I do not like A Fei, graph king like them, they did not believe their success, experience less than they are, and not yilaomailao, and I may not have the qualifications, but I want to summarize my failure, hope that the webmaster do not go this way, don’t I repeat no return. I’m not classified, only think what to write, you don’t mind, I don’t want to see us is scolding father, mother custody of the father, not necessary. Maybe I am too extreme, but such a thing can not be mentioned.

I think

let me go to the first the biggest reason is the lack of power to today, indeed many, but did not adhere to it, cause I like this today, but now the only power did not, as only a dead-alive person operating their own website, the beginning is not accurate in positioning, remember very clearly before construction the local portal site, looked really good, and there are other city brothers to join, that time feel too cattle, others have come to join me, and then he started to join others since pleased with oneself, I thought that I could do better, and then start to do the domestic portal, what have I done how can a person, have much ability, thinking about to occupy the country, you are too proud, finally failed neither fish nor fowl, Turn around and start back to the local gateway. Why,


if I persist to do local portal, maybe it’s a little success, after all the time is very early, and the local information port, a hotline three local arrangement, local no one I do not know this website, finally own causing the failure, the domain name is still in my hands. CN, 180 registered. I remember very well. Now CN domain name reduced to 1 yuan a, 18 yuan a, I really very sad, how so do not have eyes.

is the second largest cause of the failure is probably too sure that the pursuit of the perfect details, the details determine success or failure, but some details are not can be considered now, just when the local portal what I remember most is the year I changed four times style, PowerEasy system when used the style for up to me is still relatively simple, we can now search easy style imitation CCTV, at that time to do is cattle Oh, ha ha.

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