nternet Entrepreneurship first test, after the move

what is this temptation? Like Xiaomaguohe, nobody tell you the river depth of the case, you can not face the river halted, nor hastily rushed into the river, to prevent river rapids to retreat. Mascherano may wish to try out on a small step, look at the river depth, water flow in the understanding of priorities, fully prepared, safe to cross the river. Entrepreneurship is not the case?

Mobile Forum uncle

was founded in 2008, focused on mobile devices to provide comprehensive, professional network service, free virtual space early use of 5D6D, the team only one person; in the "trial" after the success of the opening of the pace of investment funds, with five independent server of your own team members to expand to 10. As of August 2012, a total of about 600000 members of the mobile uncle to attract members of the daily average of more than 20 thousand post, the industry has become a mature mobile device service platform.

is the first step to explore the road of mobile uncle forum, and then move forward. People think Swimyz is responsible for mobile uncle forum, on the Internet entrepreneurs, the most important thing is not to fight the battle without much preparation, learn more, accumulate steadily otherwise, waiting for an opportunity to mature; hasty action, can make business more difficult. To move the uncle, for example, in the early stages of a project, they use a variety of free resources, the accumulation of 5D6D site experience; in the later stage of the project, has accumulated a lot of experience in operating station, after they began to put into relatively large cost to buy a server, the website upgrade, to set up a team of formal operation and a series of actions.

of course, from the early tentative build 5D6D site, to the subsequent establishment of the team to operate independently, mobile uncle forum are inseparable from Discuz. Swimyz said, choose to use the Discuz! As the station program, the most important is to consider the ecological environment, this product is Discuz! Advanced design concept and the high degree of market acceptance, make us on recruitment, technical solutions have a very big advantage, it also greatly reduces the development cost on our website. Take the mobile uncle shortly before the upgrade to the latest version of Discuz! X2.5, the interface Diy function and plug-in system (Discuz! Application Center) is very convenient, greatly reduce the investment in website development, website architecture plays a key role in flexible adjustment.

now has a stable mobile uncle forum team strength, forum posting daily over 20 thousand, and long-term focus on three major domestic mobile phone operating platform: Hayes K3 platform, platform and MTK series intelligent machine platform. You may not have heard of these platforms, but millet mobile phone, 360 people for having heard it many times for students machine and HTC variety of mobile phone models are based on these platforms. Up to now, the mobile uncle forum in terms of cell phone operating platform, the content of professionalism and richness are far ahead of competitors.

I believe that the Internet

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