Personal Adsense use their own special interests, do the chain example

A5 every day to see the home page recommended, has become a habit. Here, the biggest feeling is: the home page can not be read all, but must not read. Can not read into not blindly may be more appropriate, the website characteristics of each person is different, the same manipulation may also have deviation, these all need practice to verify; not because you don’t read, often very difficult to predict what a post about the experience, is you the experience of blind or discover the wrong operation of you, you are very difficult to predict which thread will give you inspiration, benefit you in SEO.

I was impressed by the

page recommendation two: high webmaster experience tells someone called your site tens of thousands of the chain, the main chain from soft Wen promotion; another webmaster about professional SEO company procedures, jishihaoren to relevant industry Web site outside the chain at the same time. The former is individual combat, the latter is collective encirclement and suppression. Grassroots Adsense can not organize collective encirclement and suppression, willing to pay less money to buy tools. So we often see competitors outside the chain of thousands of tens of thousands, estimated should be scared I’m not the only one. The high one’s model, it is worth grassroots AdSense for reference, at least gave me a lot of inspiration.

I went over all documents in high person, the number of soft in about 30 articles; the domain site, the chain results in 10900, which is rare in the grassroots station; at the same time because someone is standing in do soft Wen promotion, A5 and avoid many webmaster in text A5, because the industry is not strong correlation caused by the flow of no customer problems. From the domain results, the high input has been very good returns. And this is entirely because he has a good analysis of their advantages: one is to promote content and A5 site content fit advantages; one is good at their own soft Wen advantages.

, I have been doing all the music Chengdu errands service company promotion, the chain is always difficult to go up, and the recent number of chains also reduce the trend, so that the people’s Congress headache. After being inspired by the success of someone else, I analyzed my strengths and weaknesses, readjusted my policy and decided to start some new attempts.

first of all, I began to contribute in A5 and share some of my experiences. When I was in college, I had the experience of contributing and publishing to many sports newspapers, and writing was sloppy. At the same time, A5 was willing to provide the platform and opportunity for the webmaster. Before he has not paid attention to soft Wen, always feel that go to the industry information website link is the most effective, the result is rare to find a high weight information type website. And published in A5 this big platform, especially by the home page recommended, the exposure rate and the acquisition rate have increased greatly. Instead of looking for someone else, it is better to let others find themselves, to find a position for themselves, but instead of passive initiative. Although I run all music running errands company and A5 site fit, and soft Wen content correlation is still not very high, but after a number of reprinted after the chain is true.

secondly, football >

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