Question and answer marketing skills for private hospitals

do Baidu know before the first goal is clear, you want to push which keywords, and other platform promotion, Baidu know is pushing keywords, push ranking, some not included in the key questions, or key words too widely, such as "the symptom of rhinitis?", do things others cannot read, is futile. A good question and answer should include the following elements:

The title of

1. question

In the first

title that contains words, how doesn’t have to be included in a complete word title, such as "Guangzhou which hospital treatment of rhinitis", can use the method of word segmentation, the words "from Guangzhou to which hospital treatment of old rhinitis better", the word keywords are added on the description, SVO can be considered with the given shape up, it softened the tone of advertising.

Description of

2. question

a lot of people do Baidu know and Search ask, do not add description, that is time-saving and labor-saving, this is no quality practices. The description must be written and the keyword or keyword word segmentation is added to the description. So when search keywords, search out the inside red will be more conducive to the rankings, this example is the only thing I found is described, but the description contains the word is too small, the density is not enough.

describes both to include keywords or participles, and to contain the clever, not to look at is advertising irrigation information. Such as "Guangzhou which hospital for treatment of rhinitis", which can describe the "casual" contains it: I am a Guangzhou working group, rhinitis for several years, I want to find a hospital for treatment, do not know which hospital treatment is better, and cheaper, work a few years hard ah..

3. answer

The answer to "

" also contains a key word or a participle. (thus it follows that the idea of being a Baidu knows that there must always be a definite central idea, which runs through it all the time. Key words or word) method contains the answer, with the description of the problem, inadvertently in reply to the statement included in the advertisement that must not be too strong, answer does not recommend a copy paste method, even if you want to copy, to temporarily modify, to conform to the current situation questions. Answer the original degree, is the ranking of the second factors, the biggest factor is keywords. Not just accepted answer to the ranking effect has not been adopted for ranking effect, as the following example (see the rosy and part:


do Baidu know several people can do together, one question, 2 person or a few people together to answer, contains some words, the keywords assigned to several people answer which reflect, as advertising is softening, and have a good effect in ranking, others to see so many people they all said in a hospital well, the persuasive effect. The person who answers this also calculates the amount of work done.

4. for good reviews,

what I’ve built up now is knowing to Li Qun, that is, to increase the amount of praise, this is the row

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