Website soft text, user experience art

Internet more and more pay attention to the user experience today, soft Wen promotion has been in this challenge and opportunity platform shine brilliantly, become webmaster promotion personal website essential tool. Before writing a soft text, first to establish a "I’m not for advertising writing soft text, but for soft Wen advertising" thinking oriented, the former emphasis is advertising, and the latter emphasizes the user experience. The soft charm lies in the user experience of these four words, what you are writing to make users feel somewhat physical, It stands to reason., reach a win-win situation between the user and the software writers. Many webmaster, or the soft text as advertising, or pure propaganda text to write, in the vast network world, will be foolish to look at advertising, soft little, and how to effect said.

for the initial contact with soft writing novice, often do not know where to start. Well, the first thing to do is to improve your reading, to grasp the relevant information, you will not create, then from the beginning of imitation. Since ancient times, the pace of human progress is always sorted from imitation to innovation, this is the truth.

but before you imitate, you should be sure what groups of people your article is targeting. If you just want to imitate, but not to do the analysis, then it is easy to make a "cattle lip wrong the horse mouth" joke, let the people see is uncomfortable or not. For example, when I first started writing love shopping, this is a shopping navigation website, which faces users for online shopping groups. I have collected a lot of more professional online shopping navigation network trends, and then combined with their own ideas to integrate into a new text. As the collection of professional information, so the integration of the article naturally also has a strong professional. But because at that time, the site has just been included in the BD soon, my purpose is not to increase the chain, but to some online shopping user activities forum release, so that it brings traffic. The results show that the effect of this article is extremely unsuccessful. A few months later, when the site through the "new assessment period", then I will be the "electronic commerce continues to heat up, take out the Natural Buy era" article, slightly modify it, and then released to the Tencent, will be some professional websites, of course does not rule out the first station the weight of the effect brought by the.

actually said so much, summed up is nothing more than the correct choice of "imitate", then you have to do is to read a lot of related information, write down you will use information, data, and then integrate them into a new article. So long, like a continuous cup of water, through reading every day to understand, accumulated a certain amount of resources, you will have their own views, the water is full of overflow, then you are innovative time.

light is able to write soft text, but do not know how to release its skills, then it is useless. Like a jar of fragrant wine, not to dig it out from the earth, and who will know there is so mellow a jar of wine. In >

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