Operational details learned from the management of the Admin5 Forum

Admin5 posting forum every day more than five digits, and built on the basis of so much amount of post on the forum, but show a "orderly, lasting and harmonious" development of the state, many owners are thinking about the Admin5 management method of the forum, including me, I have a forum but every day, but the amount of post 100 made me confused, in the face of this situation, management method, it took me 1 months to study the Admin5 forum, I finally get is: starting from the details of management, innovation, research from the details of the user from the details of respect.

management is about starting from the details from the forum moderator, administrator, moderator points and so on a series of management right has a clear division of responsibilities, we all know that Admin5 has a detailed point system, but you know in this set of points under the system of executive? To tell you the truth many times are the executive system the use of. A few days ago I was at the Admin5 forum sent an illegal stick, finally by the moderator deleted the post, but when the moderator to delete posts but also left me a word: you posted in violation of the provisions which, please comply with the relevant rules of discourse. The message from the moderator can be seen in the moderator management details, not only adhere to the system of the moderator deleted the post, but when he delete posts and respect the user’s mood, explain the reason, reason, also please the implicit language express the requirements of managers, can be seen from a management forum it is also starting from the details, while the details of management of a forum, stick to these details can make a web site in an orderly state, so as to promote the orderly development of the website.

from the details of research about the innovation innovation needs from the detail of innovation, Admin5 forum is mainly for Adsense service, so the forum should be increased from the owners of the requirements and needs, 1 years ago, Admin5 has many sections are not, and with the development of Admin5 Internet Forum has been innovation of perfect content sections from the perspective of owners, now have a website trade this relatively popular forum, has the task of trading area to help webmasters solve some problems, there is need to publish advertising sections for some advertising information owners can advertise in it, with investment and financing forum can make some webmaster can need help to express their wishes, these plates gradually established can be seen starting from the details to administrator of sustainable development forum. Fundamentally protect the lasting power of the site, Admin5 forum in each station from the point of view has improved innovation, which is the core of development.

users from the details of respect is about Admin5 forum management more humane, from top to bottom of the managers are very respected users, a lot of the time I will contact Admin5 forum in the intermediary transaction information, and add these administrators QQ your reasonable requirements will get the answer, remember the first a transaction.

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