Three months, my industry website value 250 thousand

station has a lot of aspects, each has advantages and disadvantages, I prefer the industry, especially the traditional industry website, I spent three months time, as an industry station, construction machinery leasing network has been willing to buy my 5W at least 20% of the shares, now I would like to do business some of the ideas and the webmaster exchange, when a.

traditional industry website traffic will not be too big, but each traffic value is much larger. The information platform of the website and the entity product of the enterprise combine, compared to the website that hits by clicking alone, can produce benefit more. Before doing my website, I studied the local market carefully and selected the most influential industries. The first is the best local industries, the local determines your days after the promotion cost, advantage industry determines the extension of the development of your site, if your local industry influence you can do a cover surrounding the whole country’s website, if you do a small local information network industry. The second main industries must be decentralized, if the one or two large enterprises, basically a monopoly, many information is internal circulation, your living space is limited, the best have hundreds of trade type enterprise.

good website direction there is an important issue, the source of information on your website where? The Internet content is king, there is no original content, the search site ranking is a problem, so it is best to understand this. I did this, borrowed from various sources of industry magazines, through their own arrangement, every day update several pieces, of course, must indicate the source, the preliminary design site when doing a lot of news, convenient information update.

technology, I insist on the original, at least the whole functional realization, I am original. From the direction of the long-term development of the website, I think this is a positioning problem. Enterprises need your website is the need for an online marketing platform, which is equivalent to expanding a channel. All you have to do is to make constant technical changes to your website according to the needs of the enterprise or to customize it. No excellent technology, there is no suitable user experience, the vitality of the site is limited, we can see one after another to apply the code set up an empty shell industry station, such examples are less


, any type of site can not question the importance of SEO, of course, the industry station SEO is quite difficult, especially non industry owners. As one of the focuses of SEO soft Wen, I have analyzed its audience problems, but also with the king of figure brother made communication. I like non insiders, write the article is a personal opinion of the most, rather than have or authoritative articles generally do not have the online learning, the value of communication, so just write a link. I can write, that is, to do professional stations, talk about some of their own experience, the audience or webmaster friends, rather than my site’s customers. A lot of things are going into this, and I hope you’ll see more

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