Taobao dare to say no to Baidu

"Dad" a little cold, baby looking for mom Dabao, see

every day

Alibaba and Taobao’s Alipay and Ali mother, just can be composed of Ma auspicious Sibao: father, mother and two children. Love cybersquatting good, also registered the Ali Ali uncle, grandfather, the August APEC conference, Ma Yun was asked what he thought of someone registered the Ali Ma Yun answer is kept woman, even if it is also putting Ali and he had nothing. At the meeting in Hangzhou, more attention was paid to the Alibaba winter.

"Dad is a little bit cold because of the US subprime mortgage crisis, grain and oil prices and the domestic consumption index rose, the new labour law increased labor costs, let the Alibaba of SME customers to feel the pressure. Two data from Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province, and Ma to Guangzhou research shows that SMEs are facing a hitherto unknown difficulties, some enterprises or even bankruptcy, many of these enterprises are customers of the Alibaba, this also let Ali family’s "father" is a bit cold.

"baby looking for Mom" is Taobao and Ali mother merger, that is, big Taobao strategy. In September 4th, the Alibaba group announced the official launch of the "Taobao" strategy: first step’s and Ali mother now with development, desire through the development of unconventional route ", to create the unique business model, to achieve the" ten annual trade volume surpassed WAL-MART global trading volume target.

"Dabao see every day" with and Ali mother is only the first step, then announced the plan to open platform, officially released the "Amoy garden" project, which is also a big move after the strategy of Taobao "," Taobao see every day "is not too much. Third party developers (including individual developers and enterprise developers) can access Taobao data through a variety of open interfaces. The open platform is a hot spot in the software industry recently, regardless of the portal, the community website or the e-commerce website. Taobao open, the purpose is very simple, in order to allow its e-commerce related product development and applications become more and more rich.

, while Taobao was open to developers and companies, it banned

, another powerful technology company

Taobao says no to Baidu!


September 5th, there is news that Taobao has completely shielded Baidu reptiles, which means that Baidu can not automatically crawl Taobao pages, Taobao merchants information will not be able to search in Baidu.

on September 8th, Taobao officially admitted shielding Baidu search. Taobao said the move is to prevent fraud, "stop the illegal businesses using PPC, search engine optimization and other means to obtain the trust of consumers, to avoid the integrity of the business by the act against the collective punishment".

in September 9th, Baidu responded to the screen, saying it was Taobao’s defense against Baidu’s foray into the C2C Market

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