Ten years campus takeaway witnessed takeaway platform is how to die

[product guide] do a good job in any industry’s O2O, you must have this industry sufficient accumulation and experience, and a few months or even one or two semester of accumulation is certainly not enough.

Wen / Peng Wei (product route contributing author)

time flies, I have engaged in the catering industry has been ten years, the most recent year, especially in the WeChat O2O takeaway, takeaway platform will all take out platform competition has intensified, the tragic extent of no less than when thousands of war, but it can be said that more than ninety percent of the takeaway platform do not make money.

recently read a lot of goods transit on takeaway platform of entrepreneurship and other articles in the field of combat the one or two semester of experience and lessons, this is my encouragement and praise their sharing behavior, after all, practice. But I want to say is to do a good job in any industry O2O, must have accumulated enough and experience in this industry, the months and the one or two semester of accumulation is definitely not enough, if the lack of industry accumulation, only by the Internet tools to subvert the industry, it would be too naive, what is the difference with the God


in this bitter takeaway industry, I insisted for ten years, I will insist on such a long time? This is my career, my family to settle down to buy a car on this, no love and not love, must adhere to, no matter how much competition, also to hard sike. I hope my lessons and experience will bring real help to practitioners on the takeaway platform.

my campus takeaway experience,


was a junior in Chengdu University of Technology, he took two other classmates as partners and invested 2500 yuan, so he asked the chef to rent a house and started our takeaway business. When the business is bad, personally riding a tricycle, take takeout boxes to the bedroom corridor to sell, repeatedly by the tube aunt and security evicted. Later, change marketing methods, to each dormitory to send leaflets, with orders, we send them in person. Then in the school cafeteria lotus two floor rented a shop, I believe in the Polytechnic spent more than eight or nine years of alumni should know "Yuhua canteen", then a lunch price is four yuan, our take out the day’s turnover can reach more than 2000, we have a partner a monthly income is six thousand or seven thousand, smoke is the.

until the rental contract expires, we went to the present address, has been operating until now still in business, almost more than eighty percent teachers and students of Chengdu University of Technology know my shop, fortunately Tech President also had to have this shop. At the Chengdu University of Technology, Southwest Jiao Tong University, Southwest Petroleum University, ran a restaurant food hall and WeChat takeaway platform, fortunately I put WeChat takeaway platform to make profits, in the ten years of takeaway career, hire a part-time takeaway and no less than 400 people, has accumulated valuable experience in takeaway delivery. I’m the first person to take the takeaway from Chengdu Polytechnic. Actually, it’s a takeaway,



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