Talk about website and software resonance, how to change the content of website, repeat redundant pa

from the search engine from pomegranate algorithm, many sites have entered to seek high quality page way, but many webmaster found that no matter how to edit the content of the website, it can be said that the entire web content is not new at all, it is often said that the website content redundancy, in the face of this situation as a passive situation a webmaster how to change website content redundant


to change the passive situation of web content redundant requests have included content title and Internet sites in different content rich and unique, and the key content of the website is to be able to bring useful for Internet users, but not without purpose as editing the content of the website, the author detailed below the talk.

The content title of the

web site should be unique and consistent with the theme and content


our content title determines the content is search engine recognition, now not many webmaster when content editing would be the title of the site in the search engine search? Which is the truth, the content of the website title only can make a web site search engine included as soon as possible, let time is fast website search engine. But the website content and website theme and content match, so you can make the search engine to feel the sincerity of the website, for example, I do an online cartoon website, every day I will first search in the search engine title, edit in the United theme in the update web site content.

content is rich and unique,

The content of the website

truly ordinary editor of uniqueness is not very realistic, as a participant in the Internet, we can not innovate every day, and the search engine and the original content we face this kind of situation, what should we do? The author suggests that our website content or the first is not new to be rich in content, only the content rich search engine will grab second, is as far as possible innovation in the text and description, such as the word notebook computer, we can use computer in English, this time we can also make some innovation, notebook (CP), these words are not search the engine did not encounter the


to solve user difficulties, the initiative to help users is fundamental

in the edit website content when is not possible, nor is it free to edit, but to edit with questions, such as our website is an online comic website, but after the user enters the site but can not find these comments or recommend high-quality cartoon cartoon shows, how users think? There are such as our website is a test site, users enter the test site for the purpose of what, not just for the sake of information, but this time our website only had some questions or expert comments, often without examination information, ask the user what would


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