Website black chain prevention, the 5 trick is enough!

owners tend to be hung black chain on the site, this is some people in order to increase website traffic and use a non normal means, in order to improve their website weight, the site links to hang themselves more than their own weight on the site, which belongs to the SEO in three way road.

to complete this action, first of all need to find loopholes in the site, infiltration, and tampering with the target page file only.

sounds difficult, but along with the hacker and other gray industrial chain gradually developed, there are many Internet services to provide such black chain.

profitable, naturally there is a gray market, once hung up, the webmaster does not carefully check, it is difficult to find.

the black chain, like blood sucking leeches, no obvious feeling, can not see, nor what symptoms, but your site inexplicable lifting weights for some illegal websites, and the weights and your own search engine ranking may thus be decreased.

since black chain has so much harm, how should we find it at ordinary times?

1, regularly check the website source code,

does not require more advanced programming techniques, does not require special professional tools, nothing else can look after open the page with a browser, right click and select "view source" can, in a pile of HTML code, we find suspicious places, the most typical have so few categories:

2, regularly view file modification time

Check the

file time is a method found to be tampered with, the time the file is generally generated when you create it, after modifying the owners try to record it, so the next time, the server logging note, if the file modification time has changed, it means that may be modified, open source look, it has not been tampered with.

3, often modify the website’s user name and password

There are a lot of

website or FTP username and password, brute force, sniffing, vulnerability etc. are likely to break the password of the defense, so often change the password, do not use weak passwords, such as "8888" and "ABCD" such a simple password, the password complexity to strengthen and lowercase letters + digital symbol +, that would be more secure.

4, regularly check the chain

is the availability of all links to check the site, with the scanning tools, such as blackwidow, all link detection sites, all 404 errors and 500 are available through this tool to find out, and if found to have abnormal external links, it is very easy to find.


5, virtual hosting space >

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