Thinking about the way out for a large number of QQ space dressed webmaster

doesn’t know when it started, and a large number of QQ space dress websites have sprung up.

at the beginning of the webmaster is to rely on the original posted on the network QQ space dress code, material is the search engine included and ranking, but also for their station brought a lot of traffic, on the site on the advertising alliance earned a small digital advertising. They rely on originality for all these successes.

time to the end of 2006, a lot of junk dress QQ space station set up, from the beginning of this time, most of the webmaster is to rely on the original copy, copy the contents of the website and steal people set up their own dress QQ space station, of course we can’t say such a webmaster what, because we are in do not have a lot of SEO articles are all abetting false original or original so-called? Someone to teach that people learn, and seems to have good effect. Because of this, copying, copying, and then through their own slightly edited articles, the content of the site is also increasing, but I think a lot of such stations can only be a role to accompany the prince reading.

came in September 2008, after the Tencent space upgrade to version 5, the spatial filtering of all existing network on the dress code, perhaps is a Tencent that these free stuff has affected the normal income, so all the filter. So, then rely on QQ space, dress up code, material and other survival of the webmaster and go from here?

one: Dead hold

not every Tencent will have a new code letter code, the new method appears well, those who master the original code out, everyone crowded to copy, reprint, editing, continue to carry out the so-called original road. Optimization, optimization, optimization, and continue to do the search engine hard work.

two: transition

I think at the beginning of the webmaster do QQ station has been a successful transition today, as long as the first person to earn money they would have to industry website, portal website transformation, because the real money is in these sites, and they have been successful.

then, a large number of the remaining after the entry? In addition to the death of the carrying station, I think there are still many owners in transition, after all, Tencent this tree has not given them the opportunity to cool off. So what are they going to do? Continue the road to originality, and continue to build their own industry portal, just as they copied the QQ station. It’s a shortcut, too. But we still want to rely on some of our own original content to attract attention, after all, the original road is likely to be a walk through, and can not see the end of the road…

three: natural demise

has a lot like QQ dress station buried the site, they abandoned the wangzhuan. Thus >

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