Linktech Samsung mall and new activities


activities: Samsung mall Santa Juxian, super large and diverse activities contribute to new and old customers, the free delivery of goods.

1: notebook family dinner: during the event to buy any 120GB mall can receive a high resolution 1000dpi mouse, classic speakers and large memory hard disk.

another, +1288 yuan was CLP-300

+1288 yuan was ML-1630

+1888 yuan was SCX-4500

2: Bluetooth: storm activity during the purchase of Samsung MP4 YP-P2, YP-T10 or any of a Bluetooth mobile phone audience can choose high quality stereo Bluetooth headset or can change the 33 color Bluetooth mono headset a.

3: LCD: cyclone activity during the purchase of "cyclone" LCD (8) and sales of digital photo frame SPF-83H will receive Huanqi 3 channel remote control helicopter;

users can also choose to purchase a digital photo frame of the international wedding photography agency or a well-known photography studio provides a coupon.

4: black Rui gifts Party: activity during the purchase of new printer ML-1630, SCX-4500 will receive a cool computer backpack and photo frame, a chance to participate in the draw to win the Samsung mobile phone fashion.

– time: December 12, 2007 ~ January 15, 2008



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