Profit model and promotion strategy of local tourism websites

is now working pressure is more and more people, during the holidays to go out to relax tourism become the first choice for many people, there is a need to have the market, so various types of travel site batch out, one is the way cattle Network, Lotto net and so on. Many webmaster found this cake, have set up their own tourism website, but can profit very little, the reason is still blindly follow the trend, did not figure out the operational nature of the tourism website. Empty talk today under local tourism site focuses on how to operate, promotion methods, hope to help you achieve profitability.


1, site type

we do travel sites, it is necessary to understand what customers want to get information from our website, is to find a hotel to tourist routes, or want to understand the attractions information, but a lot of friends in the beginning of the site, want to put these functions all together, the real time web site rather than a lot of fine comprehensive web site is more popular, because it is easier to find the website customer information they want to know.

is not recommended in the city do stand at the beginning to tuniu some large site line, can first try to do some local tourist sites, such competition is smaller, but also conducive to the promotion of you.

two, profit model

in addition to those public welfare sites, the rest of the site is to profit as the goal, so only the first clear site profit point where, it is possible to reap benefits.

1. build tourism trading platform: This is to have considerable traffic on your website, you can put the site slowly transformed into a platform to attract other travel sites charge admission fees is settled, or require a corresponding commission. The typical representative site is the through train.

With the

2. line: This is to have their own travel company owners can go to the local hotel or Hotel Sponsorship website before, to take their service hung on the site to charge a membership fee.

3. selects individual services: many websites are one of the services that focus on travel websites, such as booking tickets or booking hotels, etc. by discounting or sponsoring profits, the typical ticket market is the world.

three, promotion method

this is the city today to give you the key to chat, because the site can be profitable, the key is whether you can put out the website promotion, build the popularity of the site. If you don’t say much, go directly to the content:

1, video:

this is rarely mentioned by a promotion method, because he for many sites promotion effect is not big, but it is very suitable for tourism site type promotion. Take a video of a scenic spot that you can display on your website and insert your name in it

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