Wang Tao optimization analysis of Baidu bidding for brewmaster network

brewmaster network, net purchase wine, wine and other liquor sales off the web site do Baidu promotion, but speculation website scale do bigger, more powerful is the brewmaster network.

of course, in the statistical data without the brewmaster network Baidu bidding situation, we can only from the brewmaster network do many Baidu advertising auction, was analyzed, did not expect many problems found, here is not.

1, advertising creative and advertising page completely inconsistent,

I really want to know the specific price of Moutai wine, on the Baidu search results Moutai wine, brewmaster network advertising, in the first row, well, my first feeling is the brewmaster network Baidu promotion get good, there are paths, but when I click the link to enter, enter a Moutai liquor completely is not a boundary of the explosion of red wine, Ruyi Lang.

may well Lang is a very good wine, however, Baidu promotion settings, it is made a mistake and, advertising creative and advertising page is completely different. When we search for Baidu, we usually have a strong purpose of finding what we are looking for. Once we find out what we don’t think in our minds, ninety percent of the people will turn off the web page.

and I search the word Taiwan wine, open the page is wishful Lang. Perhaps, brewmaster network ostentatious do not care about this a little mistake. However, in terms of Baidu promotion optimization, it is intolerable.

2, the details of the product description are poor.

I found the easy flying brewmaster network inside Moutai

, open the page to see the inside of the product description, including product features, product introduction, history and so on are text, and only the pictures seem to do a certain artistic processing.

but shopping online has a very important principle, what you see is what you get. That is to say we want to see the real appearance, in the pages of that picture, rather than write.

I’ve opened another page of several products, so I don’t want to waste time. To tell the truth even the most basic products are not in place, don’t know how they get web design? Cannot understand the user experience of web design? I can go to look at those crown stores, how they describe the products! And product reviews are almost dry a few that feels like eight hundred years no one had recently, feel very lonely. On the contrary, when I saw the long product comment inside Taobao’s shop, it gave me a feeling of real buying.

is a consideration of the user experience of buying the product description page will display the full details of customers want to buy products, with pictures, video can be used, but do not use text instead of everything. Unless you want to abandon customers.

3, SEO, and hundred

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