Three months of the construction process, will never admit defeat

oh Post Bar webmaster site notes, welcome to reprint, copyright Post Bar Oh! This is my junk DJ dance website. Resign, build their own station! I give up everything! Go all the way, from HTM to ASP, AC to SEO, and now on the server, the server is not…..

At present,

ASP, AC can only read the code, write and modify the code, there is a certain degree of difficulty and sense of yourself! The only achievement is SEO, the previous day posting publicity, fifty forum, will only bring more than 100 flow, now every day do station, traffic or more than 100, is full of Baidu to the server now is the GOOGLE penalty (the friends server), not included on this server

station!Maybe you think I

to contact the site three months with the server, is not too fast? I think learning things in the use of the learning effect is good, I am not at all costs, is that everything has a price! Post Bar posted me update, five days three thousand! Whenever I see someone posted, someone registered (not registered to Post Bar post), I will be very happy


I didn’t hang up an advertisement, only in the home has statistics, see the DJ keyword changes every day! I began to feel I stand no characteristics, is a beautiful figure attractive, then do that do, I collected a lot Post Bar posted essence on the Internet, slowly also there is a


below, learn many webmaster, also summarized:

1, do anything to pay the price, we are born poor, in order to achieve the goal of all-out attack,


2, not fraud, I have done, is to deceive yourself!

3, don’t always think of making money, thinking about how to serve good to your web site every Internet users, they are God!


4, do not always look at the flow, look at the rankings, see more useful, such as other people’s experience in building, more reading,


5, ask someone less questions, use Baidu search, think about it, no one can help you, only you can help yourself!


6, the station is not the old order, this traffic does not go on


technical things I did not say, I will have to find their own online look! I am free to look at the data Post Bar, stories, pictures, see stick to reply oh, otherwise it will be BS! Gently I go, as I gently, do not take a sister! This paper by: station feeds.

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