Yunnan anti-corruption remarkable results deal with 111 people

‘s honesty is always the people and the Party Central Committee are a topic of concern, there are many corrupt officials, swallowed a large amount of wealth, but also let the local economic stagnation situation is greatly harmful to people and the country. Recently, the results of corruption in Yunnan significant, we look at.

Luoping County Street Kowloon Village control GA Shiyan foot village Party branch secretary Chen Jiade, using his position to facilitate the occupation of biogas construction funds 10 thousand yuan, profit for others accept bribes 5000 yuan, was expelled from the party, its illegal income shall be confiscated……" This is a typical case in Qujing city of Yunnan Provincial Commission for discipline inspection prior to the date of notification.

this year, Yunnan province discipline inspection organs at all levels and the masses around the "four winds" and the problem of corruption since 97, handling 111 people, 97 people party and government discipline, let the people have more to gain a sense of "".

Yunnan province is located in the frontier ethnic areas, rural population, farmers benefit more. The provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection research, found that part of the agricultural subsidies and other funds by some grassroots cadres "yanguobamao", assuming deductions withheld, resort to deceit masses of the existence of individual gifted affectionate friends, grassroots party members and cadres of the problem of hate.

to discipline and rules in front, in order to solve the outstanding problems of the masses of the people as the starting point, so that the people in the overall strict party to enhance the happiness index." Yunnan Provincial Commission for discipline inspection official said.

aiming at grass-roots clean in the above nine waves, the motionless "phenomenon in Yunnan province hold realistically the key a few at the same time, pay attention to the use of discipline in charge of" majority ", will be strictly extends to the grassroots. The provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection taking interviews, letter of inquiry, informed criticism, ordered to make a written examination, promoting grassroots party committees and Discipline Inspection Commission to implement the "two responsibilities", earnestly rectification masses around the "four winds" and the problem of corruption.

throughout the province have conducted interviews, layers of conductive pressure. Simao district to serious "village committees general discipline special conversation, the region’s 14 township party secretary, the mayor and 7 Commission for Discipline Inspection were interviewed, supervise the implementation of the two responsibilities, strict discipline. Kunming City formulated the "on the further improvement of the masses around the" four winds "and corruption work plan", on the base of disciplinary cases prone to the engineering construction, land acquisition, livelihood funds, funded management and other key areas of the main department leaders to remind conversation.

for the masses, Yunnan province discipline inspection organs at all levels on the New Year Spring Festival, may day and other important time node, take the focus spot, such as thorough investigation, thorough investigation of the masses around chinakayao, compete with the people, oppressed people and other four winds and corruption. Recommended section

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