Yuan Zidan from the country road to the nternet Boulevard


East Chu network Huangshi News Network (East Chu Evening News) reporter Zou Chunsheng

in August this year, the reporter Dong Chu network · Huangshi News Network Forum East Chu, found a network called "Yuan bullets" the netizen is very attention to the home building, the post in the end leave QQ number and "Shenzhen" and "nostalgia" and other words. The reporter tried to contact Yuan Zidan".

"Yuan Zidan", a wanderer from the countryside of Huangshi to Shenzhen. Home, in his heart, has been heavy and heavy. When the left home, away in the family’s eyes in the boy, now in Shenzhen to take root, with his beloved career, it is the cause of the Internet, he often said, he went to the nostalgia pulling today……

dilemma, let him know gratitude

"Yuan bullet" is his screen name. His real name is Yuan Zhian. But few people know his real name, and fellow villagers in Shenzhen affectionately call him a "bullet."". His home in port town of Yangxin County of Huangshi City, Tao (the original pan Qiao xiang), is the month of 1997 at the beginning of eight, he decided to the south. Along the way, always shaking his mother in front of the bullet, tears, clutching grandpa hard for his pocket money. In the future for a long time, Yuan bullet wrote to the family, always pick good, say, no matter how many difficulties and pain, he is telling a beautiful dream.

Yuan Zidan told reporters that he has nothing to do with the experience of all the migrant workers. He has worked as a construction worker, worked as a handyman, a porter, a warehouse keeper, and a newspaper publisher…… In the wandering road shed tears, in the "other people’s city", Yuan bullets through bitterness and frustrations, and finally from the insignificant wage earners, have their own Internet career, and have a happy family.

Yuan Zidan said, the first South, his first stop in Dongguan Chashan Town, because can not find a job, he found some money borrowed in Shenzhen Xixiang students. After many setbacks, he finally in uncle’s help, found a handyman working in an electronics factory in Shenzhen Liantang. Although just doing miscellaneous work, he also cherish this hard won job, but everywhere excluded, and later was secretly expelled from the factory. In the process of continuing to find a job, because he did not apply for temporary residence permit, he was the police station "please" to the detention center.

because of the experience, so Yuan Zidan has a deeper understanding of life, "this is a bitter experience, what I can not eat, can not be what gas?" the reality that he understood what is hard, what is, of course, he will know what is thanksgiving.

because there is no temporary residence permit, caught in the detention center, he has lost confidence, has also been prepared to go home ideas. But, in his heart, he was unwilling to go back like this. The day before he was going home, he decided to go to the window of the world

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