How do get 2 million 300 thousand app downloads without paying a penny!

English text: How I got 2.3 million app downloads (without spending a cent on Marketing)

this is a App Store the story, iOS developer and AppbotX founder Stuart Hall took only 6 hours to develop a name for the "7 Minute Workout" fitness App, has hit 2 million 300 thousand downloads and huge profits, and in 18 months after the successful acquisition by Wahoo.

think of a story,

back in May 2013, in my hometown, Perth, Australia, I worked with others to set up a music application startups Discovr. Through unremitting efforts, we have created 4 million downloads, raising $about 1000000, local "little celebrity" (unfortunately, eventually failed).

is often asked what the secret of success is. To tell you the truth, our success is a bit confused, I do not know how to develop something quite popular, but this success can be replicated?

Bernadette Jiwa’s "The Fortune Cookie Principle" opened my eyes and changed my understanding of the story and the product. And "One More Thing" (formerly Apple products conference Steve Jobs classic lines) rally, I learned a lot of tips to write news releases. If the news is well written, are you afraid your product is still unknown,


brews an idea,

: my plan is kept secret, with a night of development and application, testing to see if successful, maybe a few thousand downloads, earn a few hundred dollars of flowers.

I want to break through my good field and look for new ideas. There is no better idea than a fitness app for a computer developer all day. At that time, the concept of 7 Minute Workout (7 minute fitness) was already hot on the New York Times and Hacker News, which prepared a large number of potential users for me in advance.


developed the application, I set several criteria:

contains 12 of the fitness program (even when I explain what is flat support don’t get a lot of information, so Google). Add live voice to remind the user when to do the next sport and what the next one is.

I’ve also envisioned other features:


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