Dragon Ball live operations director Zhang Gang operation logic operator must know the get please

live broadcast is the next inevitable trend of the Internet experience relationship, but also the next explosion point.

the Internet is graphic of the ocean, is the content of the ocean, but the experience of people on the Internet have higher requirements, people do not want to be confined to the picture and text of the ocean, they hope to have a more intuitive and more real feeling and experience, so is the future of the Internet broadcast experience an inevitable trend the relationship is also a critical point.

Where does

operations start,


operations should be results oriented. Whether you are a new person, or an old driver, to a new company or a new project to operate, there is a lot of business operations, many people do not know where to cut into it. Operation of daily operations and explosion point operations, but also should understand that in daily operations, what matters are day-to-day operations, and what is necessary to break through the operation. Whether you are in the middle or the bottom of the operation, the first question we should consider is what your leader gives you KPI All work should be done around your KPI.

operations should begin with data, process walkthroughs, and results deduction.

first, in the process walkthrough, the first thing to make clear is what latitude your KPI has What is the value of each target in these latitudes, and then pushes back on the target value to see how much latitude each process needs to do to support the result. For a simple example, monthly revenues = daily users * consumer users * average daily consumption ARPU, *30 days. Give a particular example, if you are going to need to buy a house before the age of 30, you see the house to pay 2 million down payment, without considering the factor of rising prices, if need to achieve a 2 million down payment in 3 years, without considering the old pit and borrow money, earn 2 million, you must consider the the choice of what kind of industry, what kind of job, what kind of income in order to achieve this goal, KPI is in the same way, not only you in the daily operation can achieve good work.

secondly, you need to understand what the current value is In process walkthroughs, there is a proportional relationship between all participation values. Through this relationship, you can deduce how much you need to achieve 10 times revenue, and how much value each participant needs to achieve 10 times the value of revenue. For example, it’s 100 thousand now. You need to finish 1 million. So, where is the risk? There are business risks, time risks, and man-made risks. I believe that many operations of older drivers have a common deep feelings, the greatest difficulty in overall business is not reached, but cooperation reached, in other words a lot of companies are more or less have the high cost of communication problems, has become a lot of obstacles to the development of company business. For example, operation and product communication needs, products do not match, how to do? The collaboration between many companies and people may be due to the KPI sharing problem, including the eventual outcome of co operating with each department

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