Good faith and substantial benefits to our customers are conducive to the promotion of financial res

Hello, I am a little SEOer do Internet website optimization, start doing optimization from the beginning to the present 09 years, I now orders every month to 6 – 7, the monthly income of several hundred yuan from beginning to now nearly 10 thousand, I think this is not me the ability that I have not much to brag, but my sincerity and affordable, now the Internet is full of temptation and stimulation, take to sell a website, a on-line Baidu are not included the site can sell for thousands of people, this is not to deceive is what? As for my career, I can do what point are the truth of clients, if you do not I will give customers to contribute ideas, good faith and affordable constructed I now work business, the following specific talk I like What can you do to make your financial resources widely and brand established through honesty and benefit?.


, a publicly traded optimization code, black hat or white hat

?Most of the customers in

need to be optimized when on the website are holding as soon as possible the website promotion ideas, so that a part of personal and studio optimization have the opportunity to undertake, many individuals and studios as long as customers a big price, then they dare to optimize the site with a black cap technique, black hat optimization result is up to enhance the website ranking in a very short time, and other customers to pay payments after the site a few days by search engines or K drop right away, this time the customer only tears. I also encountered such a customer on the 15 day, he told me that he spent a total of more than 3000 yuan to optimize the site, the site in the home for 4 days was K, which makes him very sad. We can also see some dishonest transaction SEOer they need to change their ways, if you want to play to optimize its own brand, it must be in the transaction before open their own optimization code, do white hat optimization or black hat optimization, these are should allow customers to understand the contents of the.

two, how strong ability, how much work, not a big fat

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optimization capability is only a relatively large confidence on Baidu index in about 500 words, some competition too big words I do not have the ability to optimize, optimize the difficulty and many personal and studio optimization without tube keywords, as long as the customer came to the door immediately promised no problem in fact, they simply do not have the ability of customers will be key words on the front page, the consequences of this is the personal studio and wasted a lot of time but did not receive any remuneration, but some operators of the website also lost a best chance, finally had to give up some projects, and these will be webmaster friends through the Internet transmission mode on personal or studio slander, undertake such caused a great impact on our optimization task. Tell us through this: we are in the optimization of the task, how strong their ability, how many live, do not think that they can eat big fat people, that is not now

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