ndividuals do the purpose of the station and several specific station skills

thought more than once, what’s the purpose of doing web


1. survive

2. make money

3. career

when this site, because money to do, the entire site around this how profitable this core to develop. In fact, this is the necessary stage, as understand, say, do personal website up, the most important thing is to survive.

1. is a key word from the creativity of the website and QQ flow of the key words actually on behalf of the user’s needs and the level of awareness of one thing, just like the QQ farm all-around assistant, search the word means that the user has mastered the use of QQ farm and can accept good, the game has been put it down, even if there is no QQ farm assistant will play the almighty.

2. has originality, choose CMS, modify a template, busy for a while, began to collect all kinds of QQ plug-in. After the acquisition of web content is gradually shaped, but the contents are others, want to be included in the website, had better have some of their content, of course, is a pseudo original part, and keep updated daily 10 article.

3. began to pay attention to the search engine. My station took 1 weeks, Baidu first included, Google followed by included. Included in the site I have summarized or general method in Baidu high weight to prevent local soft, for example I use soft Wen is Xi Li Ge [this guy was the fire then a slight], speculation (beggar Wang Xi Li Ge and popular international standards, caused the beggar Cultural Revolution (original)), you can look at the.

4., Baidu included will be given to a previous ranking to observe, I was the title of a sentence, QQ plug-in network, and then directly in the third. Http://s.android265.com, it’s second now. The rest is a little SEO, SEO key [content, keywords, website popularity], simply by adjusting it.

6. content and keyword is easy to solve, in the choice of time, it is best to check the Baidu index. Website popularity problem can be difficult to bad me, [website popularity: the chain, the chain] only said the chain, the chain I search in Baidu QQ plug-in, find the top 10 ranked good, send information, of course, no result.

feel this can not ah, and then mainly through their own blog, (before the use of Baidu’s blog, the beginning can also add the chain, and now directly closed), forums. During this period, my good friend is the webmaster of the desktop, and has given me a lot of help. Now pure IP just reached one thousand, in a month fast, as a novice, feel a lot to go. Only friends can develop better.

7., in addition to 10 updates every day, must analyze user needs, like my magic card column, users do not have the game

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