A brief discussion on several mistakes in determining the weights of websites


site weight usually summarized here, because there are a lot of people have asked me, the weight of the website is not high they should see that, when the beginning I do not have much attention, but for a long time after that, a lot of people widespread misunderstanding of different with the site weight high, now for this misunderstanding, the author sum up.

misunderstanding one: site long time, the weight is high,

In fact, this is a

needless to say, to look at the site of the station, which is usually look at the domain name of the site to establish how long the time, like Sina, the website ifeng.com this kind of needless to say also clearly know that the weight of the site is very high. Website weight, can be understood as a person’s qualifications. Why is it that a 50 year old speaks the same thing to a 15 year old, and that, under normal circumstances, what the 50 year old says is more reliable?. The reason is simple, people generally believe that a person with his age, his experience and experience is also higher, and speak to give people the feeling of more real. By contrast, a young man’s basic reliability of speaking is not high.

according to the actual situation of the site is the same, a station for a long time compared to the site with a newly established sites, search engines more love is a long time station site, because of the widespread meaning that the contents of this website are more reliable in.

error two: do you want to see the PR value of the website?

In fact, I think the

here, many sites have a certain PR value, but found some information on the website promotion and I came out in the SEO sector, the PR value is actually Google to determine a website of quality standards, and for the PR value itself there are too many man-made factors, like some optimization to master a new station within a week to PR5, there are some websites through specific means to improve website PR value. Therefore, I think here, for the weight of the website, the PR value can be used as a reference, and can not be used as a standard to determine the weight of the website PR.

misunderstanding three: site traffic high, the weight of the site is high,

this is really a lot of people ask me, my answer is usually "not necessarily", is very simple, with yellow website as an example, the yellow website traffic is high, but you will think the yellow website weight high? But for those legitimate sites, first of all to see what kind of website, information station, station, forum, enterprise portal websites such as different site positioning of the crowd is not the same so flow is also difficult to have a substantial standard.

misunderstanding four: the chain, friendship connection more weight is higher,

for this question, my answer is also "not necessarily."". Usually, a website’s friendship connection or >

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