Local website promotion actual combat shop article (video)

      today go to fight, to the main city store promotion, the way to do a survey, a regional classification information website we do, the site is 07 years beginning in August to do publicity, done 2 times, no publicity, every day under review information, to develop it well this year, we decided to go out to do publicity today yesterday.

      yesterday will be 8:30 in the morning the station gate on time set, but because my car was delayed, late, go after my colleagues are waiting for me, because yesterday to discuss the good, today we take the camera with good material, encountered on the road to shoot down.

      us from the bus station at the entrance of the shops have left dozens of shops, to understand the needs of users, but also understand under the promotion of the problems encountered, here to say, first on the video, we see how the promotion? Very general promotion:

has another one:

      publicity is very ordinary, but also can play a certain effect, to the store to introduce their own identity, and then introduces the functions and features of the site, the effect of re bragging about the website, bosses will be interested, I’ll say all kinds of shops will be encountered under promotion in:

The first

store: inside, not the boss, only the waiter and shopping guide in this shop, you will meet, what also don’t say, leaving the promotional materials, told him to let the boss see, leave, because you said, the clerk will not listen, they are working for others, who will care about this? It’s just wasting your breath.

second stores: inside, the boss in, with the boss, the boss will only make you ah ah you perfunctory, obvious impatience and encounter this boss, you can go directly on the line, the boss did not need to say with him, he also said a waste of slobber, don’t listen to, etc. people do have the effect, he will act.

third kinds of shops: after going in, the boss is in, but the customer is too much, encounter this kind of shop, also leave propaganda material directly, say with boss, have time to see. Because people are busy with business, there is no time to listen to what you are saying.

fourth: inside, the boss in the shop, when the boss said with half of the guests into the store, this time you should pay attention to the boss’s face, if he still hear you say, not to see the customer, then you can then say, if the boss to see customers, so you get promotional materials left.

Fifth stores: after you go in and introduce your website to the boss, the boss will say, "this website, I know, has released information before."!" Well, Congratulations, you met the old client of the website. You can ask him

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