Just go into the webmaster, talk about the understanding of SNS

I work in a traditional industry, so most of them are direct and profit linked Internet marketing. A few weeks ago, the fun came, and made a SNS (Beauty Street) amateur play. Because of the technical, financial, and time issues, so only apply a UCH up, and their own ideas can not be reflected in the above. I talked to some of my senior friends in this area, and they all felt that my ideas were practical. It is estimated that next year to go to the financing to do, this year really do not have time to play.

in front of long winded a few words, and everyone here to exchange it, I just a few weeks of the SNS contact, some shallow understanding, and they may master a lot, only for everyone to glance at, no depth.

personally, I think SNS must pay attention to the following questions:

1. is the first location. If you put your SNS network positioning in the existing site model on the basis of, if there is no large amount of money hit down, personal Adsense is difficult to ordinary mode of SNS get up. I now play including amateur beauty, if the location in the beauty of dating sites, will certainly fail, now there are many dating sites, 51, school, others have what reason would choose you? Is the ~! Of course, I thought the beauty of the site is very clear, just time and technical problems in my brain, has good sketch, everyone can see my next website model. I think, positioning, it is best to choose the model currently does not appear, the chance of success is relatively large. Especially when people grew up in 90s to become mainstream consumer groups, the so-called "Portals" and other bottlenecks, when, of course, we stood up in 80s.

2. function. At present, the domestic SNS functions are very similar, there is no core competition, and there is no website theme functions. I think SNS development can follow the following principles: fun, easy to use, trial, excitement, novelty, several principles, and the best function of the theme of the website, to form a set of systematic functions. 51 well done in this one.

3. incentive system. This is very important, but also to make their SNS spread fast one of the important means, but also the core way of word of mouth. Remember when I got the forum for 03 years, basically the Forum opened 5 days later, the registered amount per day growth of more than 500 people, there is no SEO at that time, there is no advertising money, with the incentive policy, get good publicity. If only by the webmaster hair soft Wen is absolutely can’t do this effect.

4. interactive mechanism. This piece is currently the most intense discussion on the network, ha ha, even our group Mister (non network people) in the traditional industry also mentioned this point?. Even the managers of the traditional industry attach great importance to this one, indicating that the interactive element has become the mainstream of China’s marketing. Therefore, SNS is no exception.


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