How does the SEM price supervisor teach SEM new people

here, let me tell you about SEM, about how SEM executives bring new people, and teach new people. It’s for me. Teach the new is a hard work, to see more of its experience, technical experience and management experience, the leadership will not give you a raise, not because it makes you do not work, but at the same time, it will make you have a self promotion, main results are the following:


mentality is a sense of responsibility:

bring new people every day to sum up the experience before, and plan the homework for tomorrow. 2 、 the person who performs the job from the job becomes a person who plans the task. 3, the question of thinking, many needs, thinking about new growth and job status, the vision has improved. 4, from the beginning to teach, can treat us as a small group, with him, in order to be able to do homework together, the benefit of self-interest. Attitude changes makes me full of enthusiasm for the work, so in the teaching, we should think about it, if I was his or their leadership, how will you take him, so that he can very good work, can improve performance? Here talk about some experience with the new.

new talent analysis:

as a competitive staff, treat newcomers to the first to their analysis: your new is what he needs? What? You want him to become what kind of? Into the new company mainly into two categories, one is not the experience, there is a class of job experience. General companies on the two types of job positioning is assistant or commissioner. The assistant has to deal with more mechanical, or more complicated tasks, and tend to assist the position. The specialist is responsible for his homework and opens his homework alone. To analyze their respective characteristics,

assistant and Commissioner’s lack of doubt


deficiency: Assistant, the majority of graduates, lack of work experience, for their future work direction is not clear, simple changing. The preliminary needs spend time training; specialist, lack of factors: the salary is relatively high, take certain time to get used to the company values of civilization, on the mode of operation has not formed simple new ideas;

assistant and specialist question of merit:

assistant, white paper, easy to accept new things (corporate values and corporate culture); low wages, not simply accept high difficulty tedious things. In the low demand and operation more simple that he is not of itself high, thought more lively;


new training should be dealt with first:

own point of view, new people can do nothing, but must not be no homework enthusiastic, in addition to falling in love with a homework environment, still fall in love with homework. So I came up with two questions: first, in a strange environment, put you on a job you don’t know, face a group of people you don’t know, and try to make sure

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