Family planning website should pay attention to brand building

by the end of June 2010, the number of sites is 2 million 790 thousand, according to a certain proportion to the number of tutoring website no less, the general capital city has at least twenty or thirty tutoring website, and homogeneity is very serious, if you don’t want to stand to earn advertising fees and garbage, is willing to put the tutoring website development. I think that the brand building is an essential step.

why brand building,


1, the particularity of education industry

In May 4th,

Premier Wen Jiabao mentioned that education should be done by educated people. Similarly, the author believes that education websites should be taught by educated people. Because the education profession has its particularity, the education website also cannot fill the trash information.

2, the inevitability of market competition

just mentioned a city tutoring website, homogenization of competition is very serious, the performance of the site name is almost the same, the content of the web site is similar, the operation mode is basically similar, the charging standard is about the same. To the author of the Chengdu market, for example, in order to search engine in front, most of the sites are "Chengdu home network" as a station name, ordinary Internet users rely on search engines into, can not distinguish. In the operation of the Tianfu tutor network point of view, the visitors in the "Tianfu." key words always ranked first, to prove that the brand effect has been paying off. Therefore, in order to improve visitor turnover rate, I think that we should not blindly follow the trend, and our brand building is very important.

3, the derivative of educational service

as we all know, the education industry has a large market space, and the home education website can rely on the brand to carry out a lot of derivative services at the same time as brand formation. The author thinks that only by the tutor tutoring website intermediary fees earned this profit model is not scientific, in the case of ability should rely on the ground team to obtain benefits, training is the best choice, through training a cluster to get a lot of profit, of course, depending on the ground the execution team. If you can not hold training classes also never mind, can get the Commission by introducing students to other counseling center; can recommend students to participate in the network teaching can also won the Commission; this takeaway learning card and learning appliance and substation joining other ways can obtain income.

how to brand building

1, tutor website positioning


site includes the name of the site, the target market, the operation mode and profit mode, in order to avoid the homogenization of competition with other sites, will be in the construction site early to avoid these different from others, the so-called "no I have, I have fine, fine I am honest, honest people I have is this truth.

2, offline operation


tutor website is different from other websites in that the tutor website pays more attention to the service than the content. It should be a publicity tool for tutoring centers online, not all, if there are a lot of them

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